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Back in 2016 a new era has started. In a world where nature has become just as violent as humanity only a few surviving drawn to each other by their shared devotion to music. The hardstyle musical pioneers Adaro, B-Front, Frequencerz & Ran-D joined forces to create an uprising! Where brutality meets quality.

The old world is falling, and a new nation is born. Roughstate is here! Bonded by vow to create the highest standard of music, free from limitations, a foundation for a revolution was created. Which led to many hits in the Roughstate catalog. In 2018 Rejecta joined the nation with quite a big impact in the scene. What was continued in 2019 by Digital Punk who also switched from his own Unleashed label to make the Roughstate force stronger. Combining their individual strengths, rough style of music and producer capabilities has opened their full creativity to showcase what their nation stands for.

The Roughstate warriors are also searching for the boundaries and exploring new worlds. In 2018 they decided to recruit their own warriors to fight the world with their nation and a sublabel Rough Recruits was born! Filled with names like Delius, Embassy, Galactixx, Invector, Radianze, The Saints, Thomas Christian & Voidax they are ready to concur the brutal world to expand their nation.